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What Services I'm Providing

Removing Malware

It is becoming a necessity to stay on top of protecting and removing various malware that we all so easily get on our computers over time. It slows down our PC and in some cases makes it impossible to work with. That is probably what people seek help for the most.


Second, on the list is the upgrade or building of a new computer. I can help you with both. My charge depends on the work scope and it includes only labor costs. Parts are a part of your effort. I can certainly recommend the store that I trust.

Windows and Linux

In reality I will most likely be asked to work on a Windows computer. Because I switched to Linux in 2006 I am warmly recommending that you give it a try. I can help to start you with Linux. However, to really start enjoying Linux, like you never did with Windows, you will have to invest in some learning. Such a learning is, from my own experience, more fun than anything else. 

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