(My online add..)

Whatever the problem – I’ll fix it!
I charge flat rate of $40; Installing Windows or Linux – 1 PC – $40;
Cleaning the computer from mall-ware, viruses etc – 1 PC – $40; Building a new computer – $40 + parts…New fix – recover your lost user/ password for Login to Windows…
That way I can spend 1 or 10 hours and you pay only the flat rate. Just call or send an email and let’s get that PC working fine again.


I have been troubleshooting computer problems ever since Windows 95/ 98. I invested thousands of hours to practically come up with fixing solutions and they are still evolving. However, many of those solutions can be implemented today. I also keep up with up to date computer technology and am confident that I will be able to address any and all your computer problems.

I have to say that, in my exploration of computer hardware and software world, in 2004 I came across a new way of looking at computing, a new operating system – LINUX. Ever since I could not turn my head from the elegant approach and freedom of the Linux OS. Since 2005 my main home and work computer is Linux. Although I tried many Distros (Versions) of Linux I stuck with Linux Mint. Many of you will cringe (Windows users) on a thought of Linux. That is mostly from not knowing much about it and being afraid of the unknown. But one fact that could be a starting point in wanting to learn more about Linux is that with Linux one doesn’t have to worry about viruses and malware – not even close to the amount of worry and effort to keep our OS clean and functional, that we do with Windows. The other fact is – Linux is free.

So, I will warmly suggest that you try Linux. Go to DistroWatch.com and explore many faces of this phenomenal operating system. It is fast, customizable, modern, beautiful, secure and free.