Windows & Linux


I have studied personal computers for many years. If you have a problem of ANY sort, I WILL FIND IT and I WILL FIX IT. Research of new technology and software or hardware problems with all Windows Computers is my forte. I also build new computers using any of the most popular components you may request or I will suggest what would best suit your requirements. You will be charged exactly what I estimate for any job no matter how long it takes me to finish. I will also make sure that you understand what you are getting yourself into and help you learn the computer basics. When dealing with me you will always save money.

In addition to helping you with your PC problems I am also able to help you get into the world of Linux. If you are tired of all hassles of finding the right protection, antivirus, antispyware etc.; keeping up to date with all the versions and upgrades and generally working hard in order to use your computer, then the answer is: Linux.

Linux is as good if not even better then Windows in many ways and it will give you all the flexibility and power to use your PC the way you want, not the way you have to. My personal choice is Linux Mint and I switched to it over 4 years ago. Ever since, I never had to restart my computer just because I installed a new software or for some unknown reason. I also never paid for that new software because Linux software (most of the time) is free and everyone can use it.