This is what my online ad says:

What ever the problem – I’ll fix it! 
I charge flat rate of $40; Installing Windows or Linux – 1 PC – $40; 
Cleaning the computer from mall-ware, viruses etc – 1 PC – $40; Building a new computer – $40 + parts…New fix – recover your lost user/ password for Login to Windows… 
That way I can spend 1 or 10 hours and you pay only the flat rate. Just call or send an email and let’s get that PC working fine again. Cheers! 



I’ve been building and fixing computer since before the new millennia… I did pay a few times for someone else to fix my computer and than I realized that it is not so hard. Many things that the “computer guy” was doing made sense to me and I decided to learn. I got a hold of a few old computers and started to play, giving myself different tasks… Soon I was able to make sense of the components and also started to learn Windows… Not long after that I had a chance to build a computer for a friend and also got a part-time job, helping in a computer store.

Around 2002 I slowly ventured into Linux world. Mind you it was just like placing a finger inside the water to feel the temperature but it was a new step. Something was very intriguing about Linux and in 2005 I had a full time Linux machine with Linux Mint 2 on an AMD PC… Strangely enough, Linux helped me learn even more about Windows and computers in general. With the help of the Internet I could search and find solutions for many problems and that gave me so much confidence that I got my Certificate in Computer Repair. I was also using computers daily doing AutoCAD drafting as a full time job.

In any case, I felt confident that I can help other people with their computer problems and I didn’t want to charge much. I still remember the time I had to pay for it myself and it wasn’t peanuts. So my prices are flat and sometimes I spend many hours working to resolve the problem but the customer doesn’t have to worry about it.

You are welcome to browse some other pages on this website. I recommend Help Links page as there are really great links that could help you fix your own computer and also tell you about Linux, my favourite Operating System.

Here is an 8 minute history, from first to today’s COMPUTER : Who invented computers? – A Short History

What people mostly ask for is – to have their computers work faster. After a few months, what people usually end up with, is a slow computer. That happens almost always and even to the newest PC’s. There are many fishing sites, infected sites, sites that are there just to infect you with a Trojan so that the Trojan will transmit or open doors to even more damage. There are vast amounts of emails with the same purpose – to get into your system and start working towards whatever evil reason it was made to do. All those unfortunate instances are slowing down your computer and at some point you will have to do something about it.

Another thing that happens, and people contact me about, is – upgrading. Either software or hardware. And I do it just like I would do it for myself or my own computer.
Often I get a call because someone would like to get a new, more affordable PC. I have a couple of reliable places that I get my parts from and I always try to make it affordable and “best for the money”.

Aside from all those services I am also willing to spend time and explain things to the best of my ability. I suggest, but it is up to you to make a final decision.

I have a flat rate – $40 per problem and those are broad problems really.
However, all the parts are charged separately and if I have a decent previously used part I will sell it for a reasonable price. In most cases I will advocate for a new part first.

So, email me or give me a call and I will try my best to make things right with your computer.


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